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Date: 12th June 2016
40W COB Track Light
Features: ?40W COB Track light (3 wire),Website:, With 4 Leaves, ?1) LEDs COB chip: High CRI CITIZEN COB LED, ?2) External Power Supply: Lifud?Driver ?3) Material: Aluminum + Glass, 50W Reflector, 40W Reflector+Lens ?4) Triac Dimmable and 0-10V Dimmable models are optional. ?5) Exact CCT , 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, ?6) Finished color: white and black are available. ?7) 5 years warranty, ?8) 2/3/4 wire can be offered.Specification ? ? ?Model LED Lumen Power Input Voltage Beam Angle Size (mm) QD-CT0505-40-3COB CITIZEN CLU036-1205C13200lm40WAC200-240V/AC100-277V10?/23? /38??120*L195Application installation ?FAQ ?1. Can we print logo for track light? ?Yes, we can print logo. ?2. What are LEDs? How do they work? ?LED Stands for light-emitting diode, LEDs are small light sources that become illuminated by the movement of electrons through a semiconductor material, LEDs has been arround for many years and have been used in various application for a long time. New Technology has made them available for everyday commercial and domestic use. ?3. Can I customized product for special application? ?Yes, we welcome OEM and ODM service. We have professional engineer to design and produce according to your requirement.
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