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Date: 12th June 2016
40W IP65 LED Downlight
Features:40W IP65 LED Downlight,Website:, Recessed Fixedl, Screw Spring Installation.1) LED: SAMSUNG LM561(5630) / 2835 SMD LED,?2) Driver: External or Inside IP65 LED Driver,3) Round Shape Housing: ADC12 Aluminum Die-Cast,4) AC100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, PF>0.9, Eff.>85%5) 110-120 LM/W LED, 80 LM/W Light,6) CCT Optional: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K,7) High CRI>80,8) 3 Years Warranty,?9) SAA/CE Certificate, UL/CE/TUV Driver,10) IP65 Class Waterproof.?Specification ? ? ?ModelLEDLumenPowerVoltage ? ? ??V?Beam AngleSize ? ? ?(mm)Cut hole ? ? ?(mm)?QD-SF1303-10W20 LEDs SAMSUNG 5630700 lm10 W100-240V120??110*65?95 ? ? ?(3.74"??QD-SF1304-15W30 LEDs SAMSUNG 56301050 lm15 W100-240V120??135*72?110 ? ? ?(4.33")?QD-SF1305-25W50 LEDs SAMSUNG 56302000 lm25 W100-240V120??160*75?130 ? ? ?(5.12")?QD-SF1306-40W80 LEDs SAMSUNG 56303200 lm40 W100-240V120??195*107?170 ? ? ?(6.69")?QD-SF1308-50W120 LEDs SAMSUNG 56304000 lm50 W100-240V120??235*127?200 ? ? ?(8.27")Application installationFAQ1. I have heard LEDs are very energy efficient is this true?Yes. LEDs require very little electricity to power them up because they are extremely efficicent. Their design converts approximately 90% of the electricity they consume into light. In a conventional light the figure is more like 10-15%, with the rest of the electricity effectively wasted in lost heat. LED downlights, for example, draw only 5 watts of electricity to light up, compared to 50 watts drawn by ?a traditional halogen downlights. That is saving in electricity consumption of approximately 90%. Not bad when the cost of electricity is continually rising.2Do you 40W IP65 waterproof downlight is really IP65 waterproof?Yes, we have IP65 waterproof test report.
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