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Date: 12th June 2016
40W LED Gimbal Downlight
Features:40W LED Gimbal Downlight (Horizontal 360degree + Vertical 90degree)1) Original CREE LEDs Light Source with Ra>80,Website:, Ra>90.2) Driver: Lifud Driver with Constant Current, Global Certificate3) Housing: ADC12 Aluminum Housing , With reflector,4) White and Black color finished.5) 6W, 15W, 30W, 40W are available.6) 80 LM/Watt, 90LM/WATT.7) Exact CCT , 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K,8) Spring Recessed installation9) 5 Years Quality Guarantee,?10)UL/TUV/SAA/CB/CE Certificate,11)24/38/60 degree beam angle.12)Horizontal 360? & Vertical 90? DirectionalSpecification ? ? ?Model LED Lumen Power Input Voltage (V) Beam Angle Size (mm) Cut Hole (mm) QD-CA0103-6COB CREE CXA1304420lm6WAC200-240V/AC100-277V24?D85*H78D78(3.07")QD-CA0105-15COB CREE CXA15121050lm15WAC200-240V/AC100-277V24?D130*H115D120(4.72")QD-CA0106-30COB CREE CXA25202400lm30WAC200-240V/AC100-277V24/38/60?D165*H143D157(6.18")QD-CA0107-40COB CREE CXA25303200lm40WAC200-240V/AC100-277V24/38/60?D190*H155D175(6.89")Application installation?FAQ 1. Why do Cool white LED Gimbal Downlights in our range have a higher light output? Cool white LED Gimbal Downlights are brighter due to the 6000K LED?s used therefore their light output is slightly higher than the warm white 3000K LED Downlights. If you want maximum light output then cool white 6000K LED Downlights are the ones to select from our range.2. What are LED Gimbal Downlights? LED Gimbal Downlights use the latest LED technology. They are not like the old types you may remember from school days of a little plastic dome with two pronged tails! The latest LED technology is a flat chip that is soldered to a circuit board. These new style of LED chips produce superb amounts of light that you can now use to replace halogen downlights or for larger commercial installs metal halide or fluorescent fittings.
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