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Date: 12th June 2016
Bronze COB Downlight
Features: ?Bronze COB Downlight(Three type housing A/B/C ) ?1) LEDs chip: COB?Cree?LED,Website:, ?2) External 5 Years Warranty Lifud driver. ?3) Housing: ADC12 Aluminum Housing?, With reflector, ?4) Adjustable, Directional ?5) 80 LM/Watt, 90LM/WATT. ?7) Exact CCT , 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, ?8) Color Rendering Index is High CRI>80,CRI>90, ?9) 5 years warranty, ?10) CE RoHS SAA Certificate,Specification ? ? ?Model LED Lumen Power Input Voltage (V) Beam Angle Size (mm) Cut Hole (mm) QD-CA2225-10 ? ? ?A/B/CCOB CREE CXA1507700lm10WAC200-240V/AC100-277V24?D90*H86D75(2.95")QD-CA2203-15 ? ? ?A/B/CCOB CREE CXA15121050lm15WAC200-240V/AC100-277V24?D108*H96D95(3.54")QD-CA2204-20 ? ? ?A/B/CCOB CREE CXA15121600lm20WAC200-240V/AC100-277V24?D138*H120D120(4.72")Application installationFAQ1. Cob downlight Lamps ring or body color can have more choice?Normally speaking, ?more like COB Downlight?ring cover & body color all can choose white, black, Sliver ,Golden. ?When you need to other colors,please contact us for confirm.2. Do you bronze cob downlight can?connect AU/EU Plug?Qiled?all cob downlight ?can supply standard AU/EU Plug for your choose. The plug cable long size also can be customized, of course have black & white color for your choice.
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