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Date: 12th June 2016
Rectangular COB Downlight
Features: ?Rectangular COB Downlight (Square COB Downlight) ?1) LEDs chip: CREE COB? ?2) Driver: Lifud?Driver ?3) 6W,Website:, 10W, 15W, 20W,30W ?4) 2.5inch, 3inch, 4inch size are available. ?3) Housing: ADC12 Aluminum Housing?& Heatsink , With reflector, ?4) Triac Dimmable and 0-10V Dimmable models are optional. ?5) AC200-240V Input Voltage, ?6) 80 LM/Watt, ?7) 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K color temperature. ?8) High CRI>80, ?9) 5 years warranty,Specification ? ? ?Model LED Lumen Power Input Voltage (V) Beam Angle Size (mm) Cut Hole (mm) QD-CF0425-6COB CREE CXA1507420lm6WAC200-240V/AC100-277V12/24?L92*W92*H76L72*W72 (2.83")QD-CF0425-10COB CREE CXA1507700lm10WAC200-240V/AC100-277V12/24?L92*W92*H96L72* W72(2.83")QD-CF0403-15COB CREE CXA15121050lm15WAC200-240V/AC100-277V12/24?L112*W112*H83L95*W95 (3.74")QD-CF0403-20COB CREE CXA15121600lm20WAC200-240V/AC100-277V12/24?L112*W112*H114L95*W95 (3.74")QD-CF0404-20COB CREE CXA15121600lm20WAC200-240V/AC100-277V12/24?L142*W142*H96L125*W125 (4.92")QD-CF0404-30COB CREE CXA18202400lm30WAC200-240V/AC100-277V12/24?L142*W142*H128L125*W125 (4.92")Application installation?FAQ ?1.Can we print logo for Rectangular cob downlight? ?Yes, we can print logo. ?2.What kind IP Rating for square cob downlight? ?Generally is IP44 rating, ?3.How many days for Production lead time? ?For 100~500pcs: 7days, >1000PCS:7-15days
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